Welcome to Bloki’s Corner!


Welcome to Bloki’s Corner!


Visit Bonaire – Take Edgy Photos

Bonaire has now re-opened for visitors! Our local tourism office has arranged for a number of influencers to visit Bonaire and experience the amazingness that the island has to offer.

Multi-Generational Blokarting

Recently we were mentioned in an article promoting Bonaire as the ideal multi-generational vacation destination.

Seeing kids sporting the “blokart grin”

Bursting with that sense of accomplishment and pride for having done something new, something...



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Travel Agent Central

What’s New on the Dutch Caribbean Island of Bonaire

Bustling with exciting new developments—from introducing after-dark experiences and wellness events to the opening of a new boutique hotel and an eatery serving local favorites—Bonaire promises unique experiences in 2023.

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A New Base in Bonaire Scouting a new life as a digital nomad on a speck of sand in the Caribbean Sea

Jarne Everts pulls up in a dusty F-150 with gear piled up in the back seat and a pair of mountain bikes draped over the tailgate. “You ready?” he says, the just-risen sun behind him.

Most mornings, Dutch-born Everts would be on Bonaire’s beaches, showing tourists how to kitesurf, his company advertised on the side of his truck.

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Jogging with the Donkeys; Floating with the Fish: Bonaire

At first, I see one wild donkey, then a couple more, and finally a herd at the top of a cactus-covered hill.

Early morning in Bonaire, and the sky is a brilliant pink which highlights the distant aquamarine of its surrounding sea, and the donkeys are jogging with me.

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10 Islands You’ve Probably Never Heard of But Have to See

You’ve certainly heard of Cyprus, Cuba, and Curaçao, but what about the island nation of Kiribati, the only country in the world that’s on all four hemispheres? Or visited Bonaire, the only country that’s a protected marine park in its entirety?

After you’ve checked the usual suspects off your bucket list, countless lesser-known islands await for fresh experiences.

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10 incredible things to do in Bonaire

The joke goes that when you tell someone you’re going to Bonaire, there’s a good chance they’ll reply “Bon-where?”read more!

Canadian World Traveller

Ever heard of “Blokarting”. It’s an adrenaline filled adventure of driving a wind powered wheeled cart with a sail on landread more!

TravelAge West

On Bonaire, the license plate slogan — “Diver’s Paradise” — seems to sum up the islandread more!

Vakantie Paginablog

Met de recente terugkeer van non-stop vluchten van grote luchtvaartmaatschappijen, kende Bonaire in de tweede helft van 2021 een sterke toename in het aantal bezoekersread more!

Atlanta Homes Lifestyles

From land to sea and thrilling adventure to beachin’ it, nature’s bounty is abundant on the Caribbean Netherlands island of Bonaireread more!

Verkeers Bureaus

Met de recente terugkeer van non-stop vluchten van grote luchtvaartmaatschappijen, kende Bonaire in de tweede helft van 2021 een sterke toename in het aantal bezoeker… read more!

New York Post

New York Post

It’s the hardest TikTok challenge yet: Enjoy the fabled Caribbean isle of Bonaire without snorkeling, diving, fill-in-the-blank-boarding or any other watersport that involves injury/death liability waivers.

Don’t bother seeking help in that dusty old Fodor’s tome of yours or even the dentist office’s travel glossy from last month. They’ll offer little more than infinitely regurgitated dive site maps and beach reviews (if we have to hear about the 1000 Steps one more time, I swear to God…).

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Global Traveler

The small Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire invites visitors to the island to experience some of Bonaire’s latest openings and experiences of 2022… read more!

Venice Fort Lauderdale Magazine

Daydreaming about being swept away? You’re far from alone: whether you’re craving a change of scenery within driving distance, longing for a cross-country trip awash in wine and free of crowds, or pining after an under-the-radar tropical retreat, here are five escapes that will meet your winter wanderlust needsread more!

Palina Kozyrava

Bonaire ist Teil der ABC Inseln und gehört geographisch zu den kleinen Antillen. Politisch ist sie eine Besondere Gemeinde der Niederlanderead more!

Drift Travel Magazine

Drift Travel

With the recent return of nonstop flights from major airlines, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire experienced a boom in visitors over the second half of 2021… read more!

Nationa Geographic Image Artice Link

National Geographic – Netherlands

In de Caribische zee, op ongeveer zeventig kilometer ten noorden van Venezuela, ligt een bijzonder stukje Nederland: het wilde en op veel plekken nog ongerepte read more!