Have you received a Bloki Token? Lucky, lucky you!

This token is like a golden ticket you can exchange for 30 minutes of sailing at the landsailing track. Just use the online booking system to make your reservation for a “Single Blokart 30 minutes”. Click the box that says you will “Pay Cash on the Day” and bring your Bloki Token to use instead of cash.

Bloki Tokens are a bit of magic you carry in your pocket until it’s blokart time!


Abo a risibi un BLOKI TOKEN ? Bo tin hopi suerte.

E token aki ta manera un carchi di oro, cu bo por cambia pa 30 minute LANDSAILING na e landsailing track.

Usa e systema online pa bo hasi bo reservation ” SINGLE BLOKART 30 MINUTES”. Click e caha cu ta bisa “PAY CASH ON THE DAY “. Trese bo BLOKI TOKEN pa paga cu esaki.

BLOKI TOKEN ta algo magico cu bo ta warda den bo sacu, te ora ta tempo pa bo bai LANDSAIL.