Frequent flyer card

Frequent Flyer Card

Are you hooked? Making frequent visits to the track?

We have a discount card to say “thanks for being a regular”.

Purchase 5 sessions and we give you an extra one for FREE!

$100 for SIX 30-minute sessions. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree, it’s a fantastic offer.

Bloki Tokens

Bloki Token

Imagine giving the gift of a Bloki Token! Each token can be exchanged for 30 minutes sailing.

It’s like giving a little sparkle of joy in the form of a wooden disk!

Think about a wedding present, birthday, graduation, thank you, employee incentive, anniversary, or just because.

Ask us about special discounts for bulk buying. Perfect for corporates.

Give us a call to arrange pick-up/delivery of the Bloki Tokens.

+ 599 786-1572