We are doing some maintenance on our Booking System. Please contact us to make reservations. Thank you so much!

Frequent flyer card

Frequent Flyer Card

Are you hooked? Making frequent visits to the track?

We have a discount card to say “thanks for being a regular”.

Purchase 5 sessions and we give you an extra one for FREE!

$100 for SIX 30-minute sessions. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree, it’s a fantastic offer.

Bloki Tokens

Bloki Token

Imagine giving the gift of a Bloki Token! Each token can be exchanged for 30 minutes sailing.

It’s like giving a little sparkle of joy in the form of a wooden disk!

Think about a wedding present, birthday, graduation, thank you, employee incentive, anniversary, or just because.

Ask us about special discounts for bulk buying. Perfect for corporates.

Give us a call to arrange pick-up/delivery of the Bloki Tokens.