Recently we were mentioned in an article promoting Bonaire as the ideal multi-generational vacation destination.

This is a topic we’ve always tried to focus on at Bonaire Landsailing because we really do offer something for everyone. Our literature states “for ages 8 – 108”.

However, we can even accommodate the younger sailors in our shadow karts. The littlies, under 8, ride with an adult. And, that adult could be a parent… or a grandparent.

Not only do we focus on the youngsters, we’ve also hosted a 91-year-old great-grandma! We often see multi-generational families at the track.

It’s wonderful to be able to facilitate an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Land sailing

Just outside Kralendijk on the road to Rincon, you’ll spot Bonaire Landsailing Adventures. It’s a track with sails racing by and you’ll feel like you’re in a marina instead of the middle of a desert surrounded by cacti. Welcome to land sailing.

These enterprising people have embraced the adventure of attaching a sail to a surprisingly comfortable three wheeled go cart. Complete with handlebars to steer, you add tension to the rope to speed up, release to slow down. No other brake is needed.

This is an absolute blast and worth the trip out of town. Plan to spend about an hour for the safety briefing and the experience.

What a great recommendation!

I encourage you to have a browse through their website. It is full of fantastic tips for planning your next vacation together with kids and grandparents. For instance, the article highlights Bonaire as a safe, interesting, welcoming place to visit. So true!

Grab Grandma’s racing goggles and buckle up the kids. We’ll see you at the blokart track! Make an appointment today.