Bonaire has now re-opened for visitors!

Our local tourism office ( has arranged for a number of influencers to visit Bonaire and experience the amazingness that the island has to offer.

The influencers then publish photos and articles to help travellers remember why it’s a good idea to visit Bonaire.

We recently had the privilege to host Yannick (@yannickdepauw) and Jens ( from Belgium.

visit Bonaire and experience the thrill of landsailing
visit Bonaire and experience the thrill of landsailing

Yannick wrote about Bonaire and managed to capture the essence of why it is special here. He included landsailing amongst the fun, windy, “must-do” activities.

He also took some pretty incredible photos. During their week here we didn’t have the typical clear blue-sky days that we are accustomed to on Bonaire. But, I love the flavour of the photos he included with the article.

Enjoy the read and the pics:

Bonaire is also: kitesurfing, windsurfing and … land sailing

Those who do not like sea flowers and limestone plants will find what they are looking for on land. Kate Middleton was recently spotted practicing the noble sport of land sailing . Thanks to the assured wind flow, the island is known as a hot spot for (kite) surfers. And the refreshing breeze is also a welcome friend for the sunbathers among us.

Yannick dePauw

Stay tuned for more articles featuring promotional visits from interesting people.