Our take on policies is that they are only useful when they are put into active duty. In other words, they should provide a filter by which all critical decisions are made. Our sustainability policy is woven into the core of our operations.

Landsailing Aventures endeavours to answer the following questions when considering any decision:

  • Does it add value to the customer?
  • Do we set a good example by doing it?
  • Is it good for the planet?
  • Is it profitable?
  • Would Grandma be proud?
  • Is it FUN?

If it can’t pass through those filters then it gets tweaked and moulded until it does. That might mean looking for alternative materials or suppliers or considering different timing. It also may mean an idea doesn’t get off the ground.

There are some things we work hard to weave into our company culture.

We are committed to:

  • never offering single-use plastic items
  • providing healthy, natural drinks and food
  • re-using and re-purposing as much as possible; disposal is the last option
  • borrowing from the environment (driftwood) to create and enhance our rustic theme
  • using solar and wind energy
  • eliminating toxic chemicals and cleaning products
  • employing locally and training thoroughly
  • participating in community events
  • supporting local youth
  • ensuring we are welcoming to everyone without bias or discrimination
  • promoting local culture
  • conservation education 

The nature of land sailing is that it must be done outside, in windy conditions.

We use the power of the wind to create propullsion for a vehicle (blokart) which was designed for the ulimate purpose of providing fun to as many people as possible.

It is an activity for everyone – fully inclusive of old and young, able-bodied or disabled, regardless of gender, religion, economic status, nationality or athletic ability. By design it is kind to the planet.

We work hard to continue that ethos in everything we do.