Meet the team

You are so lucky to have this awesome team of gals and guys curating your landsailing experience. We asked them all a few questions so you could get to know them a bit better.


Donna Hudgeon

Coodinator of Fun

I was born in northern Canada and moved to New Zealand from Alaska in the 1990’s with Mackenzie, my young daughter, to take a job as a mining engineer at a gold mine.

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Not long after, I met Andrew and we started a life of adventure together. The mining industry took us to Turkey for a year, then back to New Zealand, then to Panama, where we stayed for 6 years, while our youngest, Morgan, finished high school. 

We weren’t ready to return to New Zealand so we started looking for a suitable location to set up a blokart rental business. Bonaire ticked all the boxes and had something extra special as a bonus (we’re still not sure quite what it is, but there’s something in the air here that makes it feel like home).

All three kids are still in New Zealand, although the girls have a bit of wanderlust, Izaak is quite happy to stay put with his fur family, Daisy (the chocolate lab). And Andrew and I are feeling very settled in our adopted island home and excited to grow Bonaire Landsailing and create opportunities for the landsailing team.

There are also plans to help others interested in having their own blokart rental business. So, if that is something you’d like to explore, please get in touch.


Andrew Sands

Master of the Grasshoppers

Andrew is originally from New Zealand. He is a mining engineer by trade and still spends a bit of time working in the industry when he’s not introducing people to blokarts.

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Andrew purchased his first blokart just weeks after they changed to the mark2 version in 2007. Landsailing has been his passion (along with fishing) ever since. He joined the local club and started racing, with his first big event being the inaugral World Blokart Championships in 2008. He continues to race as often as possible and recently competed in the European Open Blokart Championships in Wales. We’re very excited to be hosting the Caribbean Open Blokart Championships near our track on Bonaire in February 2024.

Andrew and Donna started Bonaire Landsailing Adventures in 2017 in order to introduce blokart sailing to the Caribbean. It has been growing more popular every year since (of course things got quiet through the covid months).

Andrew will soon spread his sailing knowledge to the members of the local Bonaire Blokart Club in order to create some homemade competition on the island. The dream is to create a competitive team to travel to other venues and race blokarts.

Andrew has three kids, Mackenzie, Izaak and Morgan, who all live in New Zealand. He loves his fishing and some golf on the side. He’s married to Donna and they have the best business, creating “blokart grins”, with their awesome team (of grasshoppers).


Lennart Felida

Senior Grasshopper

I’m the eldest of three siblings and have a brother and a sister. My family is native to Bonaire and I live on a kunuku close to the landsailing track.

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Bonaire is quiet, but not boring. There’s always something to do. Life on Bonaire is relaxed, no stress. There’s always good weather, no need to worry about seasons, only the heat when the wind is calm.

I like my crosser. I like watching movies, series and if I have time, gaming with friends. Relax, listen to music. I have a passion for aviation and actually started classes to get my pilot licence. I also have an interest in investments.

I’ve been working at Bonaire Landsailing since early 2019. The work environment is the best thing. Everyday is a new day, new people, new things happening. I look forward to my work day, making each day an amazing experience for everyone. The people make it fun. I’m always in the sun, so it does get hot at times but it’s relaxing work, close to home and definitely being able to drive the blokart whenever possible is the best perk.

I know it may look intimidating but it’s super easy. The more you try, the better you get. It’s different from anything you have ever tried before. It’s basically sailing on land. You must try it!


Naomi de Gruijl

General Manager (of all the grasshoppers)

Naomi was born in Curacao and hopped around the Dutch Caribbean islands for most of her childhood. They lived in Aruba, St Martin and Bonaire. 

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After finishing high school in Aruba she moved to Holland to continue her studies and returned to Bonaire 8 years later, in 2014. 

Now she enjoys having quality time with her son, her top priority, and being in nature, swimming and hanging with family and friends.

When asked what she likes about working at Bonaire Landsailing she said, “I like the dynamic of the job. Meeting new people and sharing unique experiences is the best job ever.” She says, “Get ready to smile uncontrollably. You will not be able to help yourself. The “Blokart Grin” is a real thing. You will be having so much fun, the adrenaline will take over and before you know it you are just smiling.”

And about Bonaire:

Bonaire is a special place where everyone is greeted with a happy, warm welcoming smile.We are humble and down to earth people.

You can be alone on Bonaire, but you will never feel lonely.

The island in some way, somehow always takes care of you if you are open to emerging yourself and be part of our amazing island lifestyle.


Shaquil Boezem

Chief Grasshopper

I love the island life! There’s no busy traffic, the living is easy and it’s a small island with good people. My family is native to Bonaire and I was born here.

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As a small child I moved with my family to Holland, but returned to Bonaire when I was six.

In my spare time I like relaxing, being chill, watching Netflix and spending time with my girl friend, family and friends.

I’ve been working at the landsailing track since 2018. One of the best parts about working there is getting to meet new people everyday from all over the world. I enjoy hearing about their lives and their travels.

Sailing in a blokart will be one of the best experiences of your life and the best dollar you’ll ever spend topside on Bonaire. It’s definitely a “try before you die” experience. And it’s never too late as the maximum age is 108 (and even that is flexible!).

Richie Gomez

Techie Master Magician

Hello! I was born and raised in Panama, with mixed and spicy blood from a Cuban father and a Venezuelan mother.

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I spent most of my first 25 years between Panama and Venezuela so I had the opportunity to meet great and amazing people and many beautiful places in those countries.

Addicted to the sea and nature, I’m a Web Developer and Entrepreneur.

I had the opportunity to provide my services for important Advertising Agencies and Audiovisual Production Companies, both national and foreign.

What do you like the best about working at landsailing?

“Everything’s impossible until it’s done”. Being part of something unique like Bonaire Landsailing Adventure is very special for me. It gave me the opportunity to know special people and keep working to improve the business. It has opened my perspective of the meaning of life but most of all… I have been able to grow as a person.

What do you want everyone to know about blokarting?

It is a real experience of fun in a safe and natural environment. It sounds serious but it isn’t really, it’s just an amazing activity with tons of fun. I want people to get to know the Blokart Grin.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Go camping, fishing, skating or visit special places with family and close friends. I love to listen and sing rock and roll music (with a terrible voice).

Your safety is our number one priority