Shaquil Boezem’s infectious smile has been a familiar sight at Bonaire’s landsailing track for the past five years. As the team leader, he is responsible for training new staff members in all aspects of the business. Now, they will have the opportunity to learn from the best customer service professional on the island. We are thrilled to announce that Shaquil has been named the Winner of the Guest Relations Star category at the recent BONHATA Stars of the Industry Awards ceremony!

If you’ve experienced Blokart excitement at our track, you’ll remember Shaquil, not only for his cheeky personality, but also for his exceptional ability to put everyone at ease.

The awards committee recognised Shaquil’s remarkable customer service skills, selecting him as the outstanding representative among Bonaire’s many incredible service providers. Their reasons for choosing Shaquil are as follows:

Shaquil has a remarkable ability to connect with people. He possesses an uncanny knack for sensing when someone may be feeling nervous or reserved, and he goes above and beyond to ensure they feel at ease and confident. Shaquil’s talent shines when he interacts with children, as he finds creative ways to motivate and encourage them, creating memorable experiences that boost their self-esteem.

When assisting older individuals who may be tentative about trying something new, Shaquil patiently guides them through the entire process, providing clear expectations and continuous reassurance, instilling in them the belief that they are capable of taking control and succeeding. He consistently demonstrates thoughtfulness by actively seeking ways to make every individual comfortable and content. Our guest reviews often refer to our outstanding customer service. And Shaquil truly is a customer service superstar.

Shaquil wasn’t able to be at the ceremony to receive his award, so we had a mini celebration and presentation at the track on the weekend.

Our business is built on a foundation of exceptional customer service and providing a safe and accessible activity for everyone. Come meet our enthusiastic team (and of course, congratulate Shaquil!) and experience the most exhilarating Blokarting adventure you’ll ever have – sailing on land, three wheels at a time!