The Caribbean Open Blokart Championships  (COBC) was born out of our passion for blokarting and racing, coupled with the idyllic conditions on our adopted island home, Bonaire.

The Southern Caribbean is renowned for its perfect winds for kiteboarding and windsurfing. This is evident in the world’s top freestyle and slalom wind surfers, many hailing from Bonaire.

With constant trade winds blowing from the east at 15-20 knots and temperatures ranging between 25-30°C, it’s a wind sport paradise, and blokart landsailing is the latest player on the scene.


While the landsailing track at Bonaire Landsailing Adventures is an ideal place to grasp the mechanics of sailing, it’s not particularly designed for racing.

The layout suits simple manoeuvres, with tacking at the north corner and gybing at the south. No extensive sailing knowledge is necessary.

To accommodate the regatta, we sought a new venue, and the opportunity to utilise Tras di Montaña arose. This location, previously Bonaire’s first airstrip and now used for various activities like baseball, flying kites, dog training, and goat grazing, sits high and flat in the center of the island, capturing the best wind.

Expect tight quarter racing with some technical skills required. In short, it promises great fun for both competitors and spectators!


The International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA) oversees international events, maintaining standards and expectations for competitors. The inaugural Caribbean event will be sanctioned by the IBRA, making pilots eligible for the Blokart World Championships in Nevada in April 2024.

While blokart racing typically offers two categories, Production and Performance, the first COBC will also feature a cruiser class, encouraging first-timers to join in without adhering to IBRA’s strict rules. There’s also a Youth category for the under 18’s.

Apart from the 3-4 days of sailing scheduled from February 21-24, 2024, there will be additional fun events open to everyone, with more details to be announced closer to the competition.

Anticipate world-class sailors, workshops throughout the week for those seeking to benefit from the island’s expertise, and an open invitation for everyone interested, whether as competitors, enthusiasts, or cheering supporters.


We plan to have ten rolling chassis available for rent at $150 for the week. Those will be issued on a first to reserve-and-pay basis. You’ll have to come with your own sails, masts and pod (performance class).

For Bonaire residents we will also make available five second hand blokarts to rent. But note, they will only be eligible to sail in the cruiser class as our available sails are commercial grade and don’t meet IBRA requirements.

It is possible to purchase new racing sails but they must be ordered from New Zealand so if you’re interested message us soon.


For those eager to own a blokart and practice sailing the course, Bonaire Landsailing Adventures offers package deals:

We have second-hand, ex-rental fleet blokarts for sale. It’s a super deal for those looking to get into the blokart club/racing scene but not ready to splurge on new equipment.

And, for those ready to buy new, we’ve got a time-limited special offer. Note that these prices exclude shipping which will be added once we determine the size of the order coming from New Zealand.

(all prices in USD)Production ClassPerformance Class
NewSecond Hand FleetNewSecond Hand Fleet
TOTAL PRICE (excluding shipping)$3,150$2,400$3,750$3,050
Pro blokart (excl Mast and Sail); NEWxx
Pro blokart (excl Mast and Sail); secondhand; ex rental fleetxx
3m Sail – complete with rigging (new)xxxx
4m Sail – complete with rigging (new)xxxx
5.5m Sail – complete with rigging (new)xxxx
Fibreglass Mastxx
Super Stiffy Mast xx
POD Complete – Sliderxx
Big Fork (including wheel)xx
V3 Down Haul Complete – Proxx
Ultra Downhaul 2xx
Ratchet Pulley Blockxxxx
Front Wheel Complete – Darkxx
Rear Wheel Excluding stub Axle – Darkxxxx
Stub Axle Complete – 17mmxxxx
Fibreglass Axle – for Pro’s & chassis aftxxxx

Buying your own blokart provides the freedom to sail and practice in your own time. Tras di Montaña will soon be ready for sailing. Andrew will be hosting sailing workshops to cover the racing basics (follow us on social media to know the times). During the event we will have guest workshops so you can hone your skills by learning from some of the best in the world. These blokarts are being offered at special COBC prices and they won’t last. So contact us soon to place your order.


Registrations are currently open for the event. Ensure your name is on the list to partake in the FIRST Caribbean Open Blokart Championships in February 2024. Receive updates by expressing your interest on the Facebook Event page. Message us for more information.