Bonaire has some of the tastiest water I’ve ever had. We serve it at the landsailing track because it is so refreshing after you’ve had an exhilarating experience in your blokart. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy that delicious water from your very own water bottle and continue to relive those blokart memories every time you use your water bottle.

Beginning in 2024, with every booking we’ll be giving you a water bottle … to keep. It is glass with a silicone sleeve and a bamboo lid. It comes in four colours. It also has a QR code next to our lovely logo (the one that reminds you about how much fun you had sailing with us).

Why is this QR code so special?

Scan the QR code and you will be magically transported to a secret page on our website (accessible only through the QR code). This is Bloki’s secret page where he tells you about our SPECIALS. These limited-time offers will change regularly. That means you’ll have to keep scanning to see what amazing deals Bloki has for you next. The deals will not be advertised anywhere else. And they will only be available when you use the code from the specials page. While you’re on the page, you can choose to register to receive a reminder by email when we change the specials.