Being an entrepreneur is a calling and a commitment. Different entrepreneurs are motivated by various aspects of their businesses. For some, it’s the money; for others, it is the challenge of creating something that wasn’t there before. Perhaps, for others, it is the fine-tuning—the improvement—of a concept or an operation. Focus and energy are imperative for all business owners. Our businesses are like our babies, requiring care and attention. Nurturing can be draining, especially in small and medium-sized businesses where owners are more hands-on.

Once you have the right people on the bus and your business can continue to function without you being there every single day, I believe one of the most important things you can do, both for mental health purposes and for the business to grow and thrive, is to take a break. So, that’s what we did.


In the 5+ years since Andrew and I established Bonaire Landsailing, we’d been away only once—during Covid, to New Zealand to see our family. We were long overdue for a proper holiday. Plus, one of us has a big birthday this year, and celebration is required!

The trip started in Italy, meeting up with our youngest daughter and her best friend. We walked around Milan, hiked and swam at Cinque Terre, and enjoyed the food and wine in Tuscany. Finally, we met our dear friends in Rome and did something hilariously fun—learned how to make pasta with Nonna in Palombara Sabina.

Next, the adventure took us to Albania for some hiking in some of the most spectacular, beautiful scenery imaginable—fjord-like lakes, mountains with snow-covered peaks, lush forests, and crystal-clear streams. We spent 8 days there with warm hospitality and some challenging terrain. I get my recharge from being in nature, and our experience there filled my cup and gave me the boost I was looking for.

After a quick stop in Portugal to eat too many nata d’oros, we had a fabulously relaxing and indulgent visit with friends in Galicia, Spain. We’re already plotting our return to do more exploring. Back to Portugal to sample delicious port (brought some home to extend the delight) before a quick flight to Manchester and on to coastal Wales.


You can read about our experience at the European Open Blokart Championships in another post, but needless to say, it was a week of challenging weather, some world-class landsailing with some of the best in the world, and lots of camaraderie—connecting with old friends and making new ones. The event was professionally done, and it was certainly a learning experience for me as we prepare to host our own international event on Bonaire in February 2024. Andrew’s goal was to finish in the top ten (he came home with an 8th) and Lennart, one of our track leaders, was next to the podium in 4th place in his division. Success on all fronts.


At this point, Andrew returned to Bonaire, and I carried on to western Canada to connect with my brother, who was visiting from Australia, and our dad, who lives in the beautiful Okanagan. It’s so nice to be there at that time of year, with warm days and crisp, cool evenings. We did lots of walking and had wonderful family time.

I think what happens when we allow our brains and our daily routines to take a rest and focus on other things for a while is that the big picture becomes clearer, and other ideas have a chance to take root. Energy and passion are rejuvenated, and everything feels fresh again. Our time away was possible because we had the best team handling things in our absence. We couldn’t be more grateful. But it is great to be home, and we’re ready to make more magic in the business.